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The Best Version Of Myself Movement
The Best Version Of Myself Movement

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When she moved to France in 2013, Larissa made a commitment to herself: she would start living her daily life as if she was already her "best self." She was so tired of dieting and hating her body that she decided to literally pretend she was someone else—someone better. And that simple shift in her mindset ended up changing her life.

By choosing to act as if she was already her best self, she quickly developed new habits and was able to overcome an eight-year depression, cure herself of food addiction and binge eating, lose 45 kg / 100 lbs, find her passion for writing (check out her books!), and actually become the person she always wanted to be.

Now, #TheBestVersionOfMyself attitude has become not only her lifestyle but also her purpose and mission in life.

"Choose to live today as if you were already the best version of yourself! It might change your whole life." - Larissa Lopes

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